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"I've packed this system with everything you'll need to get out here and be successful in wholesaling" - Shaun Young

  • Learn all of my "ninja" strategies for getting deals in and out of your pipeline 

  • FULL Voxer Coaching Access For 30 Days

    Contact me via Voxer to ask any questions, make comments and have me address any of your concerns

  • Live Webinar Q&A Sessions

    Come out to the LIVE sessions to network with other wholesalers, get your deals analyzed and get answers to your questions


Jerry F

Tampa, FL

"I took a chance on Shaun's course at a time in my life where my future was at a crossroads. I knew that I did not have quite enough in retirement to sustain a descent lifestyle but did not know how I could earn extra money. I listened to hours of Shaun's Youtube channel that gave out such value for free that I figured a paid course would definitely deliver and deliver it did! I was able to close my first deal within 3 weeks of starting Shaun's course and have closed 4 deals since getting started. I truly take my hats off to Shaun for being patient with me as I am not the most tech savvy guy but I was willing to follow his direction. Just wanted to say Thank You Shaun!"

This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!"

Richard & Kandice P

Phoenix, AZ

"A few years ago I was thinking to myself I needed a way to get another stream of income. Ironically, a day or 2 later a good friend of mine (Shaun Young), invited me to meet him in Glendale, Az for a Flip2Freedom Conference. Not only did I learn a lot and meet amazing people at the conference, but Shaun was right by my side to explain everything that I had questions for. Through his leadership and guidance my spouse Kandice and myself were able to accomplish our goal. Though it took us a while to fully dedicate ourselves to the process, last November we closed our 1st deal and earned $10k at a time when the money was most needed. Mr. Young still remains a great friend and mentor! We appreciate you Shaun Young for introducing us to this way of doing business and helping us in life. Thank you!"

I want you to take a moment and imagine a life where you could…

  • Never worry about money ever again. Build a six figure real estate investing business by becoming a Wholesaling SAMURAI and taking Massive Imperfect Action!


  • Take care of your family & loved ones. Indeed!... this is something close to my heart. My wholesaling business allowed me to turn my life around and the people who believed in me when I decided to believe in myself.


  • Like the SAMURAI you can SLASH through your fears and persevere!





William B

Pulaski, VA

"Shaun has been an absolute blessing! He has helped me to crawl, walk, and now run in this business. He details the ins-and-outs of the business while offering effective techniques and strategies designed to help you reach your goals as an investor. Shaun is honest, direct, down to Earth, and frankly one hell of a mentor and friend!"

Jeff B

Milwaukee, WI

"I really couldn’t ask for a more reliable and straightforward mentor to help light up and guide me along the path towards my goals. Shaun not only shows me how to avoid the pitfalls but shows by example how to triumph even when faced with unforeseen challenges. Not only am I thankful to have found a real mentor and investor but thankful to have met a real friend"